Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Basics of Selling

Well after a short, unintentional break from this blog, I am back with information that I hope will bring light to your career. These are not new age ideas. They are basics. Vince Lombardi said it best..."become brilliant at the basics."

So here are the first 2.

1. Find people who want to buy or sell real estate every day.
What are you doing now to generate leads?
Is it working?
Do you have a consistent flow? Lead generation to your business is like water to a plant. Without it both will die!
How much time do you spend each day generating new leads to replace the old ones?
Do you know what questions to ask to generate lead?

2. Follup Up Daily/Regularly
How much lead follow up does a truly qualified, motivated lead actually need? I would suggest none! Since the point of lead follow up is to set an appointment and nothing else, if they are truly qualified you should be able to do it immediately. For everyone else, good lead follow up is needed.
How do you create urgency with your leads?
Do you know their true motivation? If not, how do you know when the right time is?
What is your current lead follow up system?
Is it working?
Do you have the right mindset about leads? Are you afraid to lose an unqualified lead OR are you afraid of what you're losing messing around with an unqualified lead.
I suggest the latter will make you more money.

For help with these or other questions about your business, email me!

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