Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why is this a great market?

What you believe greatly impacts your results. We are driven by our thoughts. So, how do you feel about today's market? Are you surviving or THRIVING? Or worse, stuck in a rut? Well, regardless of where you are, here are several reasons why this is the BEST time to be in real estate!

1. Interest rates are still very low and favorable.
2. Buyers have plenty of great homes to choose from. Remember the days when every house was a bidding war and our buyers got so frustrated? Not today!
3. There are more Expired leads than ever before. Great opportunities to get listings.
4. FSBO's have little to no chance of selling on their own in this market. They will have to employ a powerful agent like yourself to get the job done.
5. There are fewer agents in the market today, less competition.
6. A lot of the agents left in the business are beaten up and have bad attitudes about the market.
7. Sellers are now aware of the market and are more willing to negotiate to get their home sold.
8. Tax credits and incentives have brought out more buyers.
9. Prices are low and affordable for more people to get involved.
10. The need for YOUR professional service has never been higher.

With these thoughts in mind, who are you going to help today? Someone in your market needs your service, will you go find them?

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