Monday, March 15, 2010

What I've learned in this business.

Through many years of selling, managing, training, and coaching I have come across truths in the business that cannot be overlooked. This will be a "blog" in progress! Here are a few of them to consider.

1. Your mindset will determine your outcome. You can put in the time, prospect, follow up, go on appts, have a strict schedule...if you don't have the right mindset, you won't have the right business.

2. We get paid for what we know, not necessarily for what we physically do. So if we are paid on our knowledge, how are you increasing that so you can earn more money? We have scripts, stats, dialogues, objection handlers all to make your business more smooth. Are you using them? Practicing them? Most in the business don't and are paid directly in proportion to that.

3. Time Management. Boy what a topic. I've never had a coaching client where this wasn't an issue to discuss. Because of no real "boss" we lack the accountability that is provided in a normal job. We are all responsible for how we spend our day and since we each have the same 24 hours the question does a 100 deal a year producer spend their day? And, how is it different from how you spend your day?

4. To truly operate as a business person, it is essential to know and track your numbers. This ranges from deals closed to how many appts it takes to get a listing. This is only important if you want to predict your business and have control of it. How are you tracking what you do each day?

5. Coaching. It just makes sense that the most productive agents have a coach. The accountability, motivation and continuous education is why they are set apart from the rest. What would be the perfect coach for you?

This is a start to this list. I will continue these ideas over the coming days. Feel free to leave comments or post questions.

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