Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tip of the Day!

Objections haven't changed since real estate began. They're basically the same as they were 50 years ago. I'm still looking for new ones. At least new ones that are common. Sure, you will hear some crazy things, yet those are random. For the most part, sellers give us the same reasons not to move forward or to delay as they always have.

Tip of the Day - Learn the answers! Since objections haven't changed, and there are answers available, why in the world wouldn't we learn them? Yet each day I work with and talk to agents who get stopped cold by the same old objection.

I just talked to an Expired listing who wanted to "wait until January." I asked a few more questions, gave a little bit of information (a.k.a. answered the objection) and now have a listing appointment Friday afternoon. When I first called she wasn't going to be re-listing. Now she's considering it. I'm the 3rd agent who called her. What was different? I did my job as a SALESPERSON.

At QTS we have a 5 step process for handling any objection. You will find your business increasing as you can learn to handle objections better. There are two types: those objecting to the appointment and those objecting to the signature.

•What objections stop you?
•What are you doing to learn the answer?
•What's your plan?
•Would you like to do more business and would learning the answers help you do that?
•How often are you practicing?
•Imagine getting 20% more business from the people you're ALREADY talking to?
We have a teleconference class coming up on this specific topic. If you'd like more information let me know.

Happy Selling!

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  1. Great post Ilona! You are so good... everyone should hire you as their coach!