Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tip of the Day - 30 day challenge

In an effort to participate in the 30 day blog challenge, I suppose I have to come up with something clever to say. I've decided that the least I can do is offer a FREE coaching tip for the next 30 days and hopefully we'll all be making more money.

Today's tip - Go back through every single person you've communicated with since January 1st and recontact them. Every lead you can possibly find through email or phone. I've noticed an overwhelming amount of people who are in a much different place today than they were in earlier this year. Since that's the case, some of the dead leads may be changing their plans for the end of the year.

Here's the SIMPLE script - "Hi, we're approaching the end of the year and I was calling to see if your plans to (buy or sell) have changed since the last time we spoke?"

Their answer will tell you where to take it next. Remember to ask a lot of questions, pre-qualify thoroughly for motivation and SET THE APPOINTMENT. You won't sell them anything over the phone! Get in front of them as soon as you can.

Happy Selling!

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