Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it time for an Intervention?

In today's real estate market we have to work very differently than we did 5 years ago. That word called "work" has come into question. Are you really "working" as efficiently as you could or should be? Are you getting the results you want?

As a real estate coach I see the challenges agents face first hand. Sometimes it's important to have an Intervention to get them back on track. Take a look at these questions and if you need help with YOUR answers, feel free to contact me.

1. Based on your plan/goal, how many properties should you have closed so far this year?

2. How many have you actually closed?

3. Do you have any leads right now that you are 90% or more sure they will sign a contract this month?

4. What specifically is stopping you from being on track?

5. Is it time to change the goal for the year or with hard work do you think you can still make it?

6. What will happen when you get back on track and earn the money you need to? How will that change your current situation?

7. What is your commitment level to getting your business back on track?

8. Since this will be difficult, are you prepared to do what it will take to make it happen?

9. If you had a clear plan to get there, would you be willing to do it at all cost?

10. If you decide not to follow the plan, will you achieve the goal? How will that impact your life?

If you'd like the plan, let me know!

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