Friday, July 16, 2010

Last of the Basics

#5 Basic Skill is Close!
Closing is the skill I find agents fight the hardest. We tend to let them take their time when that isn't always the best choice for them. If we learn to close and get clients to act sooner, we avoid conversations with them that contain "woulda" "coulda" and "shoulda."
So, how many times do you ask for a commitment before giving up? Do you ask at all or wait for them to decide? Could you commit this week to asking at least one more time than you normally do?

#6 is Negotiate with them.
What side of the negotiation should you always be on? Most people will answer, "On the side of the client, of course." While that seems to make sense, we sometimes have to remember their side may not be in their best interests. Especially if their side is based on emotion and not logic. So, my standard answer to this question is, be on the side that accomplishes the clients goal the best. That way we stay with logic and get the job done.
How do statistics play in the negotiation? Are you equipped to show numbers to support your argument?
Can you take not so good information and present it in a positive way so the client doesn't react emotionally? We know from years of study that emotional decisions are typically very costly. Can you help your clients avoid them?

Skill #7 - Do 1 - 6, Make it happen and Start all over again by telling everyone about it!
Enough said on this skill.

So, which of these 7 Skills do you need the most help with? Email me with your questions, I'm happy to help!

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